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 Rumi Tarot

Rumi Tarot

Wow! Where do I even begin? To be honest, I am still speechless. Last Saturday, three of my friends and I went to see Hisa, and I must say it was an eventful experience for us all. It was our first time getting a tarot reading, so we had no idea what to expect. But, within 3 minutes into our reading, our jaws and eyes were wide open. Yeah, she's that good. She went around the circle and briefly described our personalities and possible struggles that we may be facing. Everything was on point for me and for my friends. When she gave my friends' their reading, all I could do was nod in agreement. She answered all of our questions/concerns and also provided insightful advice. Her passion to help people was evident. I appreciated her guidance, encouragement and reassurance. We left with book recommendations, a new perspective, and a goal for ourselves. With that being said, I strongly recommend going to Hisa. You won't regret it. (:

Michelle  D.,  San Diego

 Rumi Tarot

Rumi Tarot


Hisa is more than just a reader, she is a healer. As other reviewers have noted, the accuracy of her readings is astonishing. Yet, she goes beyond that by prescribing remedies for the issues that she uncovers in her readings. These remedies are often books or other materials (none of which she sells personally) that can help correct the imbalance that created the problem. Very highly recommended.

Joe C.
Poway, CA




I'm always amazed at how Hisa intuits exactly what is going in any given situation in my life.  She is an amazing guide ... sharing in ways that are subtle, yet not so subtle that the message isn't clear.  I highly recommend receiving a reading from her ... personally, i think her rates are way too low ... she's worth $100 per hour, at least!

Laina T., Rancho Bernardo


Hisa was spot on and had me saying wow more times than I can recall. My husband and I went in and we were both amazed by her accuracy. Before she did cards, she asked to hold something of each of ours and then told us a little about ourselves individually which I thought was pretty cool especially since she was dead on with that too. 

You can tell she's not in it for the money and I think that's a vital factor in any kind of spiritual advisor. She is very warm hearted and intuitive so you feel comfortable right away. Go see her if something is weighing on your heart, you'll walk away feeling lighter and happier.

Rebecca D., Kona, Hawaii