Hisa Izumi Alsten Feb. 2017

Hisa Izumi Alsten Feb. 2017


Hisa Izumi Alsten

Clairaudient (yes, she hears voices...) since childhood, Hisa at fourteen, brought her first Rider Waite (Smith) Tarot deck. By her twenties she was reading professionally in Harajuku, Tokyo. During the 1990s she was the Tarot reader at The Paradigm, a popular night spot in Columbus, Ohio and was voted the city's best psychic in the local weekly.

Always fascinated by magic, psychology and the sacred, she attended the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California and studied Jungian psychology under such luminaries as Robert Johnson, Marion Woodman, and Stephen Aizenstat. Hisa reads about 200 books annually.

She has trained in a Soto Zen monastery and is a Precept Holder in the White Plum lineage. She is currently translating  a graphic book on the Heart Sutra.

In the corporate world, Hisa has been a industrial interpreter in Japanese, and has worked with the top management of Honda, Toyota, Kyocera, and other manufacturers. She is also a third cousin of Her Imperial Highness, Princess Masako of Japan. Hisa lives with her familiar, Namaste Kitty.